tigerpocket press

Frequently Asked Questions for Wholesale

where are your products made?

all of our products are designed in our studio in portland, oregon. our flat printed cards and art prints are printed in the USA. our enamel pins are manufactured in china.

are you eco-friendly?

we do our best to minimize our impact. we use recycled paper in our flat printed cards. we use eco-friendly packaging when available and make an effort to reduce, recycle and reuse everything we can in our studio.

how much is shipping?

we calculate shipping at the time of your order so we can have the most accurate rates based on size, weight and your location.

can i use your photos on my own website or social media?

yes! but please credit us as “photos by tigerpocket press.” also, please tag us on social media using @tigerpocketpress. thank you!

other questions? email us!