tigerpocket press

tammie bennett without makeup


I’m tammie bennett, founder of tigerpocket press.

I’ve been licensing my artwork with companies like mpix, minted, and chasing paper since 2012.  A couple years ago, I created products for a local pop-up shop and received such great feedback and had so much fun that I knew it was time to shift directions in my career.  

I had drawn in my sketchbook every single day (never missing once!) for over 3 years so I had a lot of material available.  I went into a card-making frenzy and I bought a letterpress.  

I believe in being real and celebrating even the tiniest moments.   I believe in laughing, supporting each other and showing up.  I hope these beliefs shine through in everything I make. 

I love seeing people reacting to my work and I love imagining my products flying across the world bringing friends a little closer together.

If you’re interested in carrying my products in your store, get in touch - I can’t wait to build a relationship with you!

what tigerpocket press is all about :: 

  • being real. This means life is full of magic and imperfections and we should acknowledge both.

  • celebrating. we all have something we can celebrate every single day, no matter how big or small.

  • encouraging each other. we can all rise if we all lift each other up. there is room.

  • reaching out. a little note in the mail can go a long way towards making someone’s day a little bit brighter.

  • laughing. need we say more?